An MOT is a test which, by law, must be carried out every year on all road vehicles that are more than 3 years old, in order to check that they are safe to drive.

Our MOT Test Centre can carry out MOTs on Class 3 (trikes etc) and Class 4 vehicles – commercial vehicles are welcome.

What’s the Difference Between an MOT and a Service?

The question we’re often asked is why does my car need a Service, if I have a yearly MOT, and why does a Service cost more than an MOT?

The simple answer is… a Service reaches the parts MOTs cannot reach!

Your annual MOT is a legal requirement that checks whether your vehicle is roadworthy just on the day fo the test. Because it’s only a visual test (the tester doesn’t take anything apart – even the wheels stay on) it doesn’t go into any of the “difficult to reach areas”. The tester has a checklist, which is always the same, as the car will either pass or fail.

A Service is not just a visual test so it’s much more thorough, takes longer and therefore, costs  a bit more. It can be tailored to what your car needs and you can have everything from oil levels, brakes and heated seats checked. At the end of a Service, you’ll know your car is running well and you’ve done the best job you can to take care of it.

Just like with people, a little extra care for your car goes a long way.

As a Bosch Car Service Centre, we are fully equipped to deal with the latest automotive technology in vehicles of all makes and keep them in perfect working order. All Bosch Car Service workshops have to undergo a systematic certification process and we are committed to constantly improving quality assurance standards.

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